CG Engineering, civil and structural engineering and planning for residential and commercial projects

For Homeowners

From structural assessments to additions, remodels, repairs and custom home designs, CG Engineering brings over 20 years of engineering expertise to your residential project. 

Structural Engineering

Our SE-licensed structural engineers provide assessment, consultation and engineering design for projects large and small.  

Civil Engineering

Need help with site development or drainage? Our civil team handles drainage design, stormwater management and permitting. 

Land Use Planning

Our land use planner can help with zoning research, feasibility studies and site planning to help you get the most out of your project. 

Have a Project in Mind? 

Homeowner Services

Foundation Repair

Are you worried your house might be settling? We can perform a site visit to investigate your concerns. We can also determine the likely cause of settlement and help you understand your options to solve this common problem.

Damage Assessment & Repair

After a flood, fire, storm or accidental damage we will work with your insurance company to create a safe repair and restore your home. We also specialize in repair for damage caused by dry rot.

Slope Stabilization

If you are concerned about a slope on or near your property, or if you have already experienced a slope failure, we can help. We will assess the slope and design a safe, efficient solution to stabilize the area and prevent a future slide.

Custom Homes

Let us help you design your dream home. From the early stages of land-use planning, through civil and structural engineering, we can work with your chosen architect to be sure your home is designed and permitted efficiently.

Remodels & Additions

CG can help with renovations small and large. Whether you require a simple assessment prior to demolition, or an entirely new structural plan, our engineers can help create and permit designs for your remodel or addition. 

Drainage & Water Management

Does your property have water ponding or drainage problems? This is a common issue in the Pacific Northwest. Our civil engineers can investigate the cause and then design and permit a water management solution.

Our Work

Homeowner FAQs

How do you estimate project cost?

Each project is unique, so we take the time to carefully predict the amount of hours your project will take, and provide you with a project-specific estimate and proposal for our services. Depending on your preference, we can provide our services on an hourly fee or fixed fee basis. Sometimes, conditions are revealed throughout the demolition or construction process that require additional engineering time. If this happens we will provide a new estimate as an addendum and discuss these changes with you before proceeding. 

How long does the design process take?

Project time frames can vary widely and are subject to many external factors. The major factors involved in determining the timeline for design of a project are the size of project and the involvement of other design professionals. For some projects, we need a survey and geotechnical study to be complete and the architect to be well into design phase before we can begin. We will do our best to work with your schedule and meet your needs. Engaging with an engineer early in the process is a good idea. We can keep tabs on the design process and be more prepared to start your project when it has reached the appropriate phase. Sometimes, we can make recommendations early on that will save time or money as your project is designed or constructed. After design is complete, you will likely need to permit your project through the local building department. CG can assist you with that as well.

Can I make changes during design?

Changes that affect work we have already done can result in additional fees. If you decide to make changes we will evaluate the impact of the proposed change and let you know about additional fees in advance.

How long does it take to get a permit?

Every jurisdiction will have a different timeline for processing permits. We find that a typical time frame is between three to twelve weeks, but it is highly dependent on the current workload of the permitting department in your jurisdiction at the time of the project. Some counties, such as King County, will take much longer. Our engineers are experienced with most local jurisdictions and can advise you on typical time frames for permitting your project at the time it starts.

Will I need an architect?

Whether or not you need an architect depends on the size and scope of your project. For a simple remodel or repair of an existing structure, we may be able to use existing drawings or create as-built drawings to engineer your project. If you are planning to build new construction or complete extensive renovations you will need an architect or home designer to provide the architectural drawings for us to work with. If you do not have an architect in mind, we can suggest architects that we have worked with in the past. 

Learning Center

We believe that educated decisions are the best decisions. That’s why we developed our Homeowner Learning Center. The Learning Center is full of articles about structural and civil engineering topics that affect homeowners. You can get a basic understanding about what to expect when embarking on projects like foundation repair and slope stabilization, and learn how to determine when you need (or don’t need) an engineer for your project.