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If you are interested in receiving a proposal for a project that requires structural or civil engineering or land use planning, please complete the form below.* This information will help to us expedite the process. We will review the information and contact you to discuss the project further. If you have documents, plans or sketches related to the project, please e-mail them directly to with your full name in the subject line, after completing this form.

*If you require civil engineering, in most cases we will need a survey of your property in order to provide you with a proposal, and in almost all cases we will need a survey to begin work on your civil engineering project. If you do not have a survey, we can put you in touch with several reputable companies that can provide one.

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For Civil: Are you working with a geotechnical engineer?

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For Civil: Do you have a site plan, geotech report, or notes from your jurisdiction?

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