City of Redmond Wastewater Pump Station

Redmond, WA

Principal-in-charge: Chevy Chase, PE, SE
Structural Project Manager: Joe Galusha, PE, SE

Structural Elements:
Reinforced concrete
CMU building
Soldier pile shoring walls

CG Engineering provided the structural engineering design for a new underground wastewater pump station for the City of Redmond. The facility consists of a mat foundation, cast-in-place concrete walls, and a concrete roof slab that will be flush with the finished grade. The plan dimensions are approximately 23’ x 25’, with a depth of about 22’ into the earth. Interior concrete walls separate the structure into a wet well and a dry well, the latter of which houses 3 new pumps. Due to site constraints, soldier pile shoring with tie-backs was required during construction on all four sides of the excavation. The approximate construction cost for this new pump station project is estimated to be 1.8 million.

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