CG Engineering, civil and structural engineering and planning for residential and commercial projects


Wireless Installations on Water Tanks

Installations on Rooftops

Data Centers

Why choose CG Engineering?

We have worked on wireless sites across the nation for AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-mobile, among many others. Past and current clients also include various local and state agencies, telecom architects and private owners. As part of the design team we strive to provide creative solutions at the conceptual stage on through design and into construction.

Calculation packages will be stamped and signed by a licensed structural engineer (SE), meeting more stringent licensing requirements present in several western states for essential facilities, special or complex structures, and tall structures.

Structural Engineering Services:

  • Rooftop Installations (new builds or equipment & antenna modifications)
  • Tower Installations (monopoles, self-support, guyed, transmission)
  • Tower Mapping
  • Water Tank Installations
  • Upgrade Design
  • Structural Observations

Civil Engineering Services:

  • Site Development (road profiles, grading/drainage plans)
  • Drainage design
  • Street Improvements
  • Permitting services

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