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Remodels and Additions

Information for homeowners considering a home renovation

You can trust us with your home.

When you hire CG Engineering you can be sure you are working with professionally trained engineers with real-world experience designing custom remodels and additions. No two homes are exactly the same, and our engineers will take care to design creative solutions and present cost-effective options for your unique structure. We work closely with local jurisdictions and understand how to present drawings for quick permit approval, which keeps your project moving forward.

Should I hire an engineer? Why?

CG Engineering works closely with architects, contractors and design professionals to create structural or civil engineering plans for residential remodels and additions. Our professional engineers will work to find unique, cost-effective solutions that will allow the homeowner to realize a home’s full potential, without eroding the integrity of its existing structure or landscape. A licensed engineer will identify bearing walls and other structural elements that are an essential to your home’s safety. We can work with your contractor to develop safe, permitable solutions to achieve your aesthetic goals.
If you plan to do any of these things to your home, you should first consult with an experienced engineer:
  • Wall Removal or Relocation
  • Beam Removal or Replacement
  • Ceiling Replacement
  • Structural Additions
  • Retaining Walls
  • Gazebos & Landscape Structures
  • Roof Modifications
  • Window Addition or Relocation
  • Grading & Drainage
  • Addition/Removal of Impervious Surfaces

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