CG Engineering, civil and structural engineering and planning for residential and commercial projects

Hilton Garden Inn

Lynnwood, WA

Principal-in-charge: Chevy Chase, PE, SE
Structural Project Manager: Joe Galusha, PE, SE
Civil Project Manager: Jared Underbrink, PE
Planner: Carmel Gregory

Civil & Planning Elements:
Site layout, zoning research
Stormwater management, permitting

CG Engineering provided pre-development planning, site layout design and civil engineering for a new hotel in Lynnwood’s City Center. Planning involved interpreting and negotiating local zoning codes for an out-of-state design team. The site design was completed in conjunction with the site design for the adjacent CityCenter Apartments. The two projects were developed from a series of small parcels, which consolidated and divided into two large adjacent parcels, intended to have shared access. CG Engineering was the only consultant on both CityCenter and Hilton Garden Inn teams, so our role was strongly centered around coordinating the two projects in addition to our roles specific to each project.