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Beach Drive Landslide Repair

Seattle, WA

Principal-in-charge: Greg Guillen, PE, SE
Structural Project Manager:
Dennis Titus, PE, SE
Civil Project Manager: Jared Underbrink, PE

Structural Elements:
Cantilever solider pile wall
Tied back soldier pile wall

Civil Elements:
Slope regrading
Drainage system
Groundwater management

CG Engineering was hired to design a solution for a large landslide affecting three properties and an unimproved right of way. The slide debris traveled downslope onto the road below. To stabilize the slope and mitigate damage to the houses above two 300-ft. long soldier pile retaining walls were designed. The lower wall was designed with a catchment above grade to retain future slide debris. The entire site was re-graded to a stable slope. An extensive drainage system was also designed. This project took place in several critical areas, included three property owners and city owned property. Coordination between all parties was required to complete the permit.