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Alexis Hotel Sidewalk Repair

Seattle, WA

Principal-in-charge: Greg Guillen, PE, SE
Structural Project Manager: Carolyn Jewett, PE, SE
Civil Project Manager: Jared Underbrink, PE

Structural Elements:
Structural concrete slab
Steel beams
Permitting services
Construction support

Civil Elements:
Traffic control plans
Erosion control
Site improvement

CG Engineering provided structural and civil engineering services for the replacement of a 16′ wide x 60′ long section of the sidewalk slab along the west side of 1st Ave in downtown Seattle. The new sidewalk consisted of a concrete topping slab, a water proofing layer, and a structural concrete slab supported by steel beams. The new steel beams spanned between an existing steel girder and the existing concrete wall. The civil work consisted of erosion control, site improvement, and traffic control plans. We also provided permitting services, bid services and construction support. It was important to work closely with the City, as this work involved temporarily closing a sidewalk and a bus lane at a busy road in the downtown area.