CG Engineering, civil and structural engineering and planning for residential and commercial projects

Planning, Permitting and Project Coordination

Our planner offers support to our projects by working with clients and our engineering team to address planning and land use challenges early on, to ensure a smooth transition from pre-development through permitting and construction. Our planning services range from minor zoning reviews on single-family projects to site planning, permitting, and project coordination for multifamily developments. We collaborate with project architects, surveyors, landscape architects, arborists, MEP engineers, traffic consultants, contractors, developers, homeowners, and other team members to ensure projects are thoroughly managed. We provide spatial planning and programming, design and permitting assistance, and process management and support.


Property and Zoning Research

We like to start every project with a thorough understanding of the requirements and the constraints on the property before we start design.

Project Feasibility Studies

We can determine the feasibility of a given project type or provide the client with recommendations for development options for a property. We tailor the scope and timeline to the needs of the client.

Site Planning

We provide preliminary and conceptual site planning based on zoning and property research and client programming. Our civil engineers can develop the site plan further for permitting and construction.

Site Plan Review

We often provide third-party review of other consultants’ site plans for zoning compliance and utility services.

Subdivision Layouts

We provide subdivision layouts, including parcel layouts, conceptual building locations, access and rights-of-way, and common areas for use by clients and surveyors. We also provide layouts for binding site plans and boundary line adjustments.

Jurisdictional Coordination & Meeetings

We are often the primary point of contact with the jurisdiction and set up and attend meetings throughout the course of the project. We recommend that, on most projects, either a planner or civil engineer attend pre-application meetings with the jurisdiction.

Presentation Graphics

We can provide various planning graphics, including site plans, maps, and massing studies for presentation use.



Land Use Permitting, Subdivisions & Entitlements

We coordinate entitlements, including SEPA, Conditional Use Permits, Design Review, Site Plan Review, Short Plats and Subdivisions, Boundary Line Adjustments, Binding Site Plans, and Variances.

Building & Civil Permitting

We coordinate building and civil permits, including coordination with other consultants, and manage and track permitting through completion.

Project Coordination

General Project Management

We often fill in the gaps on our projects, providing additional services such as record management and file sharing, sourcing art, and project coordination for adjacent properties that are being developed concurrently.

Consultant & External Reviewer Coordination

We often help our clients coordinate other consultants (landscape, survey, arborist, MEP engineers, traffic, etc.) as well as external reviewers (investor review, accessibility review, etc.). We help scope consultant services and provide recommendations for other consultants.

Coordination of Regular Design Team & Developer Meetings

We find that regular meetings are critical to a well-managed project, so we frequently coordinate and lead meetings with our project teams. We efficiently manage meeting records and distribute action items.

Project Scheduling

We provide project schedules for pre-development through permitting, when requested, to help our clients manage their timelines and project financing.

Development Fee Estimates

We can provide estimates for fees assessed by most jurisdictions through the course of permitting, to assist our clients with budgeting.

Bid Set Coordination

We often manage bid set issuance and addenda for our clients, along with permitting efforts.

Plan Review

We can provide a review of full plan sets for zoning compliance as well as for consistency among disciplines.

Easement Coordination

We often assist with coordinating new and existing easements on site, working with surveyors and agencies to record new easements, and vacate or revise existing easements.

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