CG Engineering, civil and structural engineering and planning for residential and commercial projects

Land Use Planning

CG Engineering offers land-use planning and zoning research to get your project started efficiently.

Land Use Planning

Our planner helps clients identify and address land use challenges and zoning and jurisdictional requirements in order to ensure a smooth transition from pre-development through permitting and construction. Our planning services include early design and regulatory guidance for site-specific projects as well as neighborhood and community-level planning. We collaborate with project architects and other team members to ensure comprehensive project management. We provide spatial planning and programming, design and permitting assistance, and process management and support.

Linking planning and engineering services allows us to manage projects from the earliest phases through design and construction. Combining planning and engineering at the initial stage of site development provides clients with creative solutions that are functional and cost effective.

Planning Services:

  • Research zoning, municipal codes & precedence
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Master plans
  • Land use permitting
    • SEPA, conditional use, short plat, long plat, Shoreline Substantial Development, rezones, design review, variances
  • Building & subdivision planning
  • Project management
  • Jurisdictional coordination
  • Public hearing coordination

Want to Learn More?

Whether you are already planning, or simply considering a new project, we are happy to provide a phone consultation and discuss how we can help ensure your project is a success from start to finish.