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Is Your Slope at Risk of Sliding?

Mar 26, 2019 | Slope Stabilization

Slope instability is a common problem for property owners in the Pacific Northwest because our hilly, wet conditions provide the ideal conditions for a landslide. It is important to remain vigilant in investigating slopes on and around your property, so you can recognize the warning signs of a landslide before it happens. Often, long before a major slide event the slope will show signs of danger or minor sliding.


Landslide Warning Signs

    1. Cracks or bulges in the ground, pavement or sidewalks near the slope
    2. Soil migrating away from foundations
    3. Structures such as decks, stairs and patios tilting or moving relative to the house
    4. Tilting or cracked floors/foundations
    5. Broken underground utilities
    6. Leaning , trees, walls or fences
    7. Sunken or down-dropped road beds
    8. Water saturated soil or changes in drainage patterns on a slope
    9. Newly sticking doors and windows
    10. Water seepage through the base of a slope

Landslide Contributing Factors

    1. Water Saturated soils
    2. Removal of vegetation on or around the slope
    3. Improperly compacted fill during development
    4. Steep banks that have been undercut by rivers or improper development
    5. History of landslides in the area

If you observe any of these signs near a slope it may be prudent to leave the area and contact a professional civil engineer immediately for a slope assessment. If warning signs are very severe this may indicate an immediate threat to your property.

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