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Foundation Assessment and Repair

Foundation Settlement Information for Homeowners

We can help repair your foundation.

CG Engineering will provide a professional review of your of your property and provide written or verbal recommendations, depending on your request. We can provide a level of survey, which measures relative settlement of the floor plan, then we will investigate your structure and sometimes the soil beneath it. We will recommend repair options to stabilize or re-level the foundation. Common solutions include stabilizing the foundation with pipe piles, helical anchors or push piers. Our structural engineers have extensive experience in residential foundation repair, so you can be assured your repairs will be engineered to stand the test of time. We can work with your chosen contractor and help with permitting.

Is my foundation settling? Why?

There are multiple causes of foundation settlement issues. One common problem is settlement of soils below the foundations. Poor site drainage can also contribute to foundation movement. Another cause can be construction on uncontrolled fill. Improperly compacted fill will compress under building footings causing cracking in foundation walls. If you have noticed any signs of foundation trouble on your building or home, we recommend that you have a structural engineer assess the issues.


Inside your house, do you see:

  • Cracks in walls & ceilings?
  • Doors that stick?
  • Gaps between walls & ceiling?
  • Nails popping out of the drywall?
  • Door or window frames out of plumb?
  • Floors cracked or not level?
  • Gaps between walls and floors?

Outside your house, do you see:

  • Cracks in foundation walls?
  • Gaps in bricks, doors or windows?
  • Gaps between fireplace & house?
  • Sagging roof line?

The Foundation Assessment and Repair Process

Step One – Foundation Assessment

CG will visit the building in question and complete a full assessment of the foundation condition. Our experienced engineers will respect your privacy and be careful to work around your landscaping and pets as much as possible. It is important to understand that some investigation may require an in depth look inside your attic, crawl space and behind/around landscaping. We will complete a gas level survey to determine the amount of settlement. We will also determine if it makes sense for you to consult with a geotechnical engineer to analyze soil conditions for repair.

Step Two – Recommend Repair Options

An engineer from CG Engineering will meet with you to discuss our findings and suggest a repair solution. Common repair solutions for foundation settlement include push piers, pin piles and helical anchors. Each unique situation calls for a custom solution, which may include a combination of methods. Our engineers will be sure you feel comfortable with the chosen repair method before moving forward.

Step Three – Develop a Site Plan

In order to proceed with a repair design, CG Engineering will need a site plan for your property. If you already have a site plan for your property, we may be able to use it. If you do not have a site plan we will create one.

Step Four – Design and Permitting

Our engineers will design a repair solution for your property and submit the design documents to your local jurisdiction for permit approval. CG’s engineers have experience working with most local jurisdictions and will see to it that your permit is processed efficiently.

Step Five – Contractor Selection and Construction

We will provide you with the approved repair drawings, which can be used to obtain contractor bids. You can select the contractor of your choice to make the repairs. CG Engineering will provide construction support and make an engineer available to answer contractor and homeowner questions as the repair is being constructed.

Foundation Repair FAQs

How much does CG Engineering charge for a foundation assessment?

Situations vary, but a typical fee for a residential foundation assessment is approx. $500. The assessment is the first step in determining the best course of action for repair. Once the assessment is complete, we can give you a quote for the cost to design the repair.

How long will the process take?

Generally, the first site assessment will take 2-3 hours. The repair design and permitting process usually ranges from 4-8 weeks. Once permits are obtained the contractor can begin work.


This is a general guideline, many jurisdictions have additional permitting requirements that take longer. Residents of the City of Seattle often find that permitting takes longer because permit intake appointments are scheduled by the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspection. Appointments are subject to the City’s permitting schedule and workload.

How many foundation repairs has CG worked on?

We have worked on over 100 residential foundation repair projects over the past five years.

Why should I work directly with an engineer for foundation assessment and repair design?

When you work with CG Engineering you can be assured that your home is being analyzed by a licensed professional engineer. We analyze your structure to determine the correct number and location of piles required to stabilize your foundation. Once we’ve developed a repair solution, we provide you with construction-ready documents that you can use to get a permit and contractor bids, giving you the freedom to choose who does the work on your home.

Once a repair plan is developed, who will complete the repair work?

CG Engineering will provide you with construction drawings that you can use to obtain a bid from any contractor you choose. If you would like recommendations, we can put you in touch with contractors we have worked with. 

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Mark Osterhus Residential Repair Client
It was a pleasure working with your firm and your people.  The problem description was quickly and fully understood. An analysis was forwarded to me in time get the repair implemented and  meet my deadline.”

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